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Over three million workers are injured every year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You are more likely to be affected than you think. It can happen in any industry that you are working in. However, the most common types of colorado workers compensation are seen in factories, retail outlets, offices, and warehouses. Most workers suffer long-lasting effects from back strain, brain injury, spinal problems, burns, etc. These medical problems can drastically change your life. Our colorado workers compensation attorney at Earl & Earl PLLC can help you.

Since the workers compensation Colorado can drastically change your life, you definitely need to seek compensation. Although money doesn’t completely fix your medical problems, it can make your transition back to your normal routine a lot easier. It will definitely help relieve some of the financial burden on you and your loved ones while you are unable to work. It also will cover any medical expenses that insurance companies won’t cover. Our Colorado Springs workers compensation attorney team can help to make it a lot easier on you during this stressful period of your lifetime.


The colorado workers compensation system is designed to avoid the outrageous costs of the litigation process. You are able to navigate through the process on your own, but it is much easier to hire a workers comp lawyers colorado at Earl & Earl PLLC. We are fully trained and have the needed experience to represent you. Workers compensation Colorado insurance companies may take advantage of the victim because they believe that he/she doesn’t have the knowledge regarding this matter. You should not risk your compensation for the pain and suffering that you have endured. Don’t let just any attorney take on your case. Only let the best colorado workers compensation attorney work for you.

When you contact our office regarding your colorado workers compensation case, the initial consultation is completely free with no strings attached. You won’t ever have to worry about any initial deposits nor lawyer hourly fees. Our team does not get paid a single penny until you do. You only have to pay us a small percentage of your compensation if, and only if, we win your case. There is absolutely nothing to lose on your part. Let our team of workers comp lawyers colorado ease the stress on you and your family by handling all of the legal matters.

Our Colorado Springs workers compensation attorney team can guarantee that our customer service will amaze you from the very first meeting. The process of workers compensation Colorado is long and we completely understand that. That is why we strive to ease the burden and answer any questions that you might have. We not only have some of the best lawyers in Colorado Springs, We offer a fantastic Denver workers compensation attorney office as well. Our workers comp lawyers colorado will guide you every step of this process of seeking compensation. We will ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation to build the best case for your situation as possible. You deserve to get paid the full amount for all of the pain and suffering that you have endured.

Don’t hesitate to call our workers comp lawyers colorado if you find yourself injured at work. Our office offers some of the best Denver workers compensation attorney services in the state of Colorado. Also, don’t keep our services to yourself. Share it with all of your friends and family. Our colorado workers compensation attorney would love to help you and your loved ones during this stressful time.

Top Rated Wrongful Death Lawyers Colorado

Did you know that the  Colorado wrongful death statute is one that will allow family members to receive money (damages) after a loved one has died from the result of another person’s wrongful act?   This law/statute has a time limit of when the family member can file a lawsuit, or death claim.  This time limit or statute of limitations varies depending on which family member is filing a case.  That’s why you need a wrongful death Colorado attorney who knows the law backward and forward. 

There is also a Colorado wrongful death damages cap, or limit to the amount of money the surviving family can receive.  Again, this varies depending on whether the claim is for non-economic damages or economic damages.  Another reason you need to use a top rated wrongful death Colorado lawyer.   Maybe you’re wondering what the definition of a wrongful act is.  That’s even another reason to use an attorney who can sift through all of the various definitions of a wrongful act to determine if your case is viable.  With so many laws on the books, the Colorado wrongful death statute could be one of the most complicated, but not to our attorneys who have had years and years of experience with this type of case.

When comparing attorneys, it’s wise to find out the Colorado wrongful death damages cap  rate that attorneys are getting for their clients.  Once you realize that our record is one of consistently high damage collections, you’ll want to use our top rated firm.  Be sure to call or visit us to find out more about our company and how we can assist you with your wrongful death Colorado claim. As the old adage goes, there’s no time like the present.  And that holds true for such a serious and life changing event as a wrongful death claim.

We Are your Trusted wrongful death attorney In Colorado Springs

Attorneys can specialize in various types of law, similar to Doctors who specialize in certain types of medicine.  If you want the specialized wrongful death attorney colorado springs that is skilled and that you can trust unconditionally, then you have found us.  We understand your situation fully.  We have helped many others who were looking for wrongful death compensation colorado springs.  Not only have we helped countless others with their legal counsel, we have stood by them through the grieving process.  If you are looking for a  wrongful death lawyer colorado springs that has not only the knowledge, but the experience to win your case, then you have come to the right place.

Our caring and supportive attorneys will guide you each step of the way.  We want to be your wrongful death attorney colorado springs which you can count on when the going gets tough.  Our expertise in this field of law shows, by seeing the satisfied clients we have serviced over the many years we have been in business.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a free initial consultation.  This may be a difficult first step, but it will be an important one to find out what you need to know to receive wrongful death compensation colorado springs.  We want to become your trusted and trustworthy wrongful death lawyer colorado springs.  It only takes a minute to call or come by our office to see for yourself how we can help.  Feel free to bring your other family members or friends to meet our wrongful death attorney colorado springs team.  We won’t disappoint.  We know it’s a hard decision, and one that you need to make with much thought and discernment.  That’s why we are in this specialized field of wrongful death compensation colorado springs.  We know it will be a life changing decision once you make the choice of using our wrongful death lawyer colorado springs.

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What Happens After You Hire Us

What Happens After You Hire The Law Offices Of Earl & Earl PPLC


1.) Most anything you do in life has a beginning, middle and end.  Also, there are certain steps to take for each phase.  After you hire us, we are totally dedicated to helping you with your personal injury case, every step of the way.  It will be our solemn promise to be laser focused on getting the results you are expecting.  This will be a team effort.  Not only our team, but adding your input as part of the team, will be critical.  Communication is the Key, and we aim to be the best communicators possible when it comes to keeping you informed on the status of your case.  Whether it’s an email, phone call or text, we will stay in touch with you.  Our experienced and friendly staff will take care of you like you are one of our family members.  We want to be sure you have the most professional service possible.  Our reputation is at stake, so we cannot take a chance that you won’t be absolutely blown away with our firm.  We go the extra mile to earn your respect and your business for many years to come

2.) Beginning at the beginning is always a good place to start.  So, gathering information pertaining to your case is where we start.  No detail is too small, no request is too large, and we welcome as many details as you can recall about the incident that caused the personal injury.  Also, we will gather information from any witnesses, or perhaps video cameras that may have captured the incident in question.  Video cameras don’t lie, and can be very strong evidence when reviewing the case.  In addition, eye witness accounts can be very compelling and could possibly be the deciding factor when all is said and done.  Gathering facts about any other cases involving the alleged responsible party, can also add extra credence to the claim by the injured party.  This is what we do exceedingly well.  Our top rated and highly skilled team can gather all of the minutiae and make sense of it all.  It’s what we do, and we pride ourselves on doing an excellent job.  You will be overwhelmed with the level of service you receive from our team of investigators, who gather information similar to a private investigator.  We won’t stop until we have what we need to present your case in the most efficient and informative way possible.

3.) Building the case for your personal injury claim can sometimes be painstakingly difficult, but it is such an important part of the whole process, that it must be done in a very knowledgeable and professional manner.  It’s hard to imagine how much effort really goes into this part of the process.  The chronology of events is so important and can be the deciding factor on whether the case will be viewed as credible or not.  Documenting each phase of the incident, as well as cataloging factors that may have contributed to the personal injury are super important.  No stone will be left unturned when it comes to investigating your personal injury situation.  You can rest easy that our expert team will have your back.  Just like the building blocks of life, we are here to build your case from start to finish.  This is where we excel.  The results of our hard work and dedication will be what sets us apart from all the other attorneys striving to do what we do. 

4.) Physically going to the actual trial can be quite an emotional step for the injured person.  Having a sympathetic and caring attorney at your side can make all the difference in the world.  Knowing that your lawyer has done his homework and is fully prepared to go to court can be a great feeling.  Our experienced team has seen it all.  They are prepared for whatever might present itself in your specific case.  They are well versed in personal injury cases and can glean information from their former cases that may help your case.  They realize that your satisfaction is what is most important.  They also know that a satisfied client will refer other family members and friends, which will help us to help others.  There’s no better feeling in life than to know you have helped another person, especially when they have been injured through no fault of their own.  Keep us in mind when you want to work with the best team in town.  Your experience with us will be memorable and most of all, you will be glad you made the decision to use our firm.