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For those who need a Denver truck accident attorney, Earl and Earl, PLLC offer a free, no-obligation consultation.

Trucks and tractor trailers cause hundreds of unjust accidents every year. The size and weight of a standard passenger vehicle are no match for commercial trucks on the road today. Tow trucks, 18-wheelers and other commercial tractor trailers must be driven with precision and care in order to keep all passengers safe on the road. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one have suffered a truck accident, you need a Denver truck accident lawyer who will commit to your case and fight to earn the compensation you justly deserve.

There are a host of unique factors that accompany a car accident involving a truck. These types of accidents involve not just your insurance company, but the instance company of the commercial trucking company as well. This can be a daunting situation to attempt to manage all on your own. When you fight against a commercial trucking company, it can seem impossible to come out on top as an individual. That’s why you need to team up with hardworking and aggressive legal advocacy to ensure you receive compensation for your injuries.

Not all Denver truck accident lawyers offer a free consultation to those in need. At Earl and Earl, PLLC, we’ll listen to the facts of your case and provide transparent and honest advice at no cost or obligation to you. No matter what type of truck accident you’ve been involved with, we’re here to be a resource to help you feel confident in your financial and physical recovery.


How will a truck accident lawyer in Denver support my personal injury claim?

When you fight back against commercial trucking companies, you need strong legal advocacy on your side. For an individual to communicate back and forth with the corporate insurance company of a trucking company, it can be a long process of fruitless labor. It’s hard to stand up to these companies on your own, and without proper knowledge of applicable state and federal law, you may feel alone in the fight. Your truck accident attorney will handle all communication between your insurance company and the truck’s.

Truck drivers are often encouraged to drive an excessively high amount of miles in short, unrealistic time spans. In these unfortunate circumstances, many truck drivers drive while over-tired, which does fall under the category of distracted driving. If a truck veers off the road after completing thousands of miles in just a few short days, your lawyer will work to demonstrate the negligence on behalf of not just the truck driver, but also on the trucking company who imposed such unrealistic expectations on their workers.

Truck accident attorneys in Denver will help to compile all the evidence that’s available to help support the strength of your personal injury claim.

Many commercial trucks require specialized driving instruction or classes, and a special state driver’s license. It is our job to determine if the truck driver has completed the coursework necessary to be legally driving the specified truck that caused the accident. In many cases, big trucking companies fail to properly train and maintain the certifications of their drivers. In these situations, an unqualified truck driver may cause an accident on the road, which is directly linked to negligence on behalf of the driver and the truck company itself.

Colorado weather can be unpredictable, and all drivers know that snow, ice and sleet can cause an accident even among the safest and most attentive drivers. Trucks are required by state and federal laws to be operating up to code. Trucks and tractor trailers must be inspected annually just like standard passenger vehicles. If a truck is driving in inclement weather and is not properly equipped to do so, accidents often occur. If you believe an improperly maintained truck was a contributing cause of your truck accident, your lawyer will work to demonstrate this in court.

Trucks that are unlawfully operating with faulty parts or failed inspections, the truck driver and trucking company should be held liable for their negligence that lead to an accident. Your truck accident lawyer will work to compile and submit proper evidence for your case in order to defend your situation before a judge. It’s important to team up with an attorney with decades of courtroom litigation experience, because fighting against a big truck company can be a challenging task that requires thorough execution of the law.

I’m a victim of a truck accident. What kind of compensation can I fight for in court?

Your truck accident attorney will work to demonstrate the negligence of the truck driver and trucking company to the fullest extent possible. For those who have suffered a truck accident, the consequences can be grave if not lethal. Your lawyer will examine every specific way you have been affected by this accident, and work to build a strong personal injury dad that results in the compensation you deserve.

When a standard passenger vehicle such as a car or motorcycle collides with a truck, the consequences can be far from minor. Standard cars are no match for the size, weight and driving force of a commercial tractor trailer. The medical damages a driver can sustain after colliding with a commercial tractor trailer can cost thousands of dollars to treat. Aside from the typical cuts, scrapes and broken bones that typically occur after a car accident, the impact of a truck accident can cause a traumatic brain injury or even paralyzation. Hospital bills, prescription drug costs and the cost of doctor’s visits and follow-ups can cost a fortune to the unsuspecting victim. At Earl and Earl, PLLC, we believe you should be compensated for these damages to the fullest extent possible.

Considering the grave nature of truck accidents, most medical injuries that consequently occur are not minor enough to be fixed on a short-term scale. Long-term medical care can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This type of care can include rehabilitation, physical therapy, or occupational therapy, which we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for if the accident wasn’t your fault. Even the most standard broken bone injuries can cause an impact that affects you for a lifetime.

When you take valuable time off of work to nurse your injuries, your paycheck becomes affected. When your income decreases due to unforeseen medical issues, many accident victims find it pressingly difficult to care for loved ones and continue paying the bills. At Earl and Earl, PLLC, we fight to uncover lost wage compensation for truck accident victims in Colorado. If a trucking company or truck driver’s negligence caused you harm, we believe you should not have to pay the price.

The depression, anxiety, and overall fear of driving that consequently affect truck accident victims are not to be overlooked in a personal injury case. A collision with a truck or tractor trailer can affect your confidence on the road for years to come. Plus, the pain that accompanies lost time with loved ones and difficulty paying bills are an unfair burden to accident victims. If possible, your truck accident attorney will fight to uncover damages for your pain and suffering as well as medical bills and lost wages.

Punitive damages are placed upon the irresponsible party to make them pay for their harmful wrongdoing. It’s a cost required of the party that’s guilty in order to provide some kind of financial relief for the innocent victims of their negligent behavior and actions.

If your loved one lost their life in an accident involving a truck or tractor trailer, that truck’s negligence may constitute a wrongful death. Earl and Earl, PLLC are especially compassionate to victims of these situations, as we understand how devastating the reality of this situation is. We advocate on behalf of your loved one in a court of law, and urge the judge to compensate you and your family for the wrongful death and damages you have suffered.

If you’re a truck accident victim in Colorado, you have a right to legal representation regarding your personal injury case.

Earl and Earl, PLLC have offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Pueblo and Grand Junction. We are committed to defending innocent truck accident victims and advocating on their behalf in court.

If you or a loved one have suffered a truck accident due to the negligence of the driver or trucking company, you have a right to connect with qualified legal counsel who will fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve.

Your truck accident attorney will fight to demonstrate the negligence of the other party. Your lawyer will defend the injuries you’ve sustained and communicate before a judge just how severely you’ve been affected.

Call Earl and Earl, PLLC today to get started building your personal injury case. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to any truck accident victim in Colorado.