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Social Security Disability Lawyers In Colorado

Do you have a physical disability that prevents you from working?  If so, you could be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) payments from the U.S. Government. This benefit is one of the more challenging to receive.  That’s where we come in to play, as the best disability lawyers in Colorado!

If you are not sure if you have a viable case, we can offer you a free initial consultation, which will allow you to submit the myriad of details about your claim, to our social security disability attorney colorado, and we can comb through the documents to determine if you have a legitimate claim, and if so, we can let you know the best way to move forward.

In case you didn’t realize it, there are over 2 Million Applicants each year, vying for Social Security Disability.  As a result of this mind boggling number of applicants, it is noteworthy that the majority of claims are initially rejected by the office processing the claims.  However, if you are rejected, don’t give up! Let our disability attorney colorado guide you through the re-application process. 


Earl & Earl, your trusted disability lawyers colorado will insure you remain informed and feel at ease with the progress. Keep in mind that if your claim is rejected, you can file an appeal. Reach out to our  disability attorney colorado,  and we will answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Whether you have already filed a Social Security Disability claim and been rejected, or if you are just at the very start of filing your claim, our disability lawyers colorado can be of assistance in this most important aspect of your journey through the maze of Social Security Disability steps.  Our disability attorney colorado can be of assistance, so call us today.

Again, the best disability lawyers in Colorado are the ones who will navigate you through the tricky and sometimes turbulent waters of the Social Security Disability Ocean. 

As with any venture, planning and communication is key. Your Social Security Disability attorney Colorado will plan out each step of the way, while making sure you are completely informed about the progress of the claim.  Each case will be unique to the person filing the claim. Our disability lawyers Colorado are here to help. 

Before getting started, here are some very important documents that you should bring to your disability attorney colorado:

  1. Contact information for Doctors, hospitals or clinics that have your treatment records
  2. List of medications you take
  3. Previous marriage dates (if any), if your spouse is applying for benefits
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Social Security Number
  6. Pay stubs, W-2 Forms or Federal tax return (proof of income)
  7. Medical records and treatment dates from clinics, hospitals, and Doctors

Earl & Earl social security disability attorney colorado Once this information is compiled, and has been sent to the Social Security Administration, it will either be approved or rejected.  If your claim is not approved, the best disability lawyers in Colorado will assist you.

When you are looking for the most dependable disability lawyers colorado, you can feel confident that our firm will meet and exceed your standards. 

Here at disability attorney colorado, we are here to help you get the benefits you deserve.

Why Denver Trusts Us To Be Their Denver Disability Lawyer

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a challenge and will often require a lot of preparation if you want to achieve success. SSDI is a much needed lifeline for those who have become disabled and are subsequently unable to work. Without it, many would struggle to bring in the income they need to pay bills. Hiring Earl & Earl, your hard working and dependable go-to Denver disability lawyer, greatly increases the chances of claiming the benefits successfully.

We can also help if you have already tried to apply and you lost the case. An appeal can be a breeze if you partner with a knowledgeable Denver disability attorney. At Earl & Earl, we provide you with access to a highly experienced and skilled team.

The following reasons will illuminate the importance of disability lawyers in Denver.

What are the odds of winning?

To accurately determine if it will be beneficial to pursue a new application, or appeal for a rejected application, we look through everything with a fine tooth comb. No stone is left unturned with Earl & Earl. We feel it is vital to study your case thoroughly and collect the facts so that you can be well-informed and make a decision on moving forward or not. Once it is determined that you are eligible for the SSDI, we then walk you through what the next steps will be. We will also help you understand the range of benefits that are on the table. Do not neglect to research the reputation of your Denver disability lawyer so that you can avoid hiring a firm that is inexperienced or has a poor track record. The more experienced the firm you depend on, the higher your chances of winning. Earl & Earl is experienced and has a wonderful reputation right here in Denver Colorado. Therefore, our disability lawyers in Denver are a brilliant choice for anyone looking to gain SSDI benefits.

Working with Earl & Earl may reduce your chances of rejection during an appeal

Often, when people apply for SSDI, they are completely unprepared. They may not understand what requirements are needed and they may also give an unorganized presentation. This lack of organization and having the necessary information can severely damage their case. The outcome is often a rejection of the application. An experienced and responsible Denver disability attorney will always cover all of the required paperwork with you and dig deep to find pertinent evidence to present a well thought out and comprehensive suit. They will work with what is written in pertaining laws and will leverage the information you have to insure you present with the best quality case possible. Let Earl & Earl be your social security disability attorney Denver Colorado. Working with us will save your time and valuable resources in the long run.

We present an exceptional case, every time.

At Earl & Earl, your Denver disability lawyer possesses an in-depth understanding of your case. Our invaluable experience allows us to excel when it comes to getting you the benefits and results you deserve. You should never feel alone or confused when moving forward with this request. We are motivated to win for you and secure your financial benefits! Contact us today to represent you as your social security disability attorney Denver Colorado.

The Best Social Security Lawyers in Colorado Springs

SSDI is a valuable resource to many people in the state of Colorado. People spend years in servitude and deserve compensation for that loyalty if they face an untimely injury and are suddenly unable to work. SSDI benefits can be critical to maintain a stable lifestyle for the future in the unfortunate scenario that someone is injured. However, due to the increase in fraud cases, the legal system follows strict regulations before they will accept an application. In fact, several applications get rejected due to the potential for abuse of SSDI benefits. You may fall victim to this penalty if you do not understand and obey the laws pertaining to SSDI. The lack of comprehension of the law can severely limit your chances of success to get the benefits you deserve. Look to Earl & Earl to hire a social security disability attorney Colorado springs to get approved for benefits. This law firm’s extensive knowledge of the laws can greatly put the odds of being accepted in your favor!

After thoroughly reading your case and assessing the possibilities, our social security lawyers Colorado springs will prepare your case file. They will pay close attention to your requests and collect the evidence and documents that are needed. After their highly skilled assessment, the next steps are to review the facts about the suit. The information provided will allow you to discern whether you would like to continue with the process, because it will give you an idea about how probable it is for you to get the outcome you want. If you make the decision to proceed, the disability lawyers Colorado springs will assemble a compelling application for the suit filing. They will work hard to provide the highest possible quality of evidence to receive your SSDI benefits in a timely manner. 

Building up trust and a good reputation is paramount for our social security disability lawyers Colorado springs. Earl & Earl will carefully organize each statement to assure a practical and comprehensive presentation to the court. The reports and evidence prepared during the observation period are set up to ensure you have a rock solid case. Disability lawyers Colorado springs will be on your side throughout the process, which will give you a fundamental sense of confidence as well as total peace of mind.

We always strive to win every case for our clients. By investing valuable time and experience into the case, the social security disability attorney Colorado springs that you work with has forged a correlation with your well-being. Social security lawyers Colorado springs diligently weighs the facts to cross-examine every aspect of the case. Our firm is fueled with compassion and determination to win for our client’s future.

Intense passion and exceptional empathy are two of the many positive traits of our social security disability lawyers Colorado springs. They also provide you with a knowledgeable and experienced voice that gives you the ability to strongly convey your points in the courtroom. To put it simply, we have your back! The determination to maintain the upper hand throughout the case makes our team of Social security lawyers Colorado springs here at Earl & Earl stand unparalleled.

Our professionalism remains unmatched in the industry. Give us a call today to find out why!