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Pedestrian accidents occur almost every day. Find out how a personal injury attorney can defend you in this unfortunate type of accident.

When you travel on foot or bike, you are unfortunately still vulnerable to the danger of vehicles on the road. Hundreds of pedestrians suffer accidents every year in Colorado. Some are struck by moving vehicles in parking lots, on the side of the road, or even while walking on a crosswalk, where they are entitled to feel safe. Many pedestrians choose to walk as a safer alternative to driving, and it is unfair that should suffer consequences when someone operates a motor vehicle carelessly.

If you’ve been struck by a car as a pedestrian, you have legal options for defending yourself. Connect with a personal injury lawyer who is accustomed to working within the practice area of pedestrian accidents. You deserve to speak with an attorney about what you’ve suffered, and you have every right to understand what legal options may exist for your recovery moving forward after your accident.

Pedestrian accidents can cost thousands of dollars in medical treatment. On top of the ever-increasing costs of medical care and hospitalization, many pedestrians are traumatized from being struck by a car which leads to a period of pain and suffering. At Earl and Earl, PLLC, we’re compassionate to victims in these situations and pledge to fight for them in a court of law.

At Earl and Earl, PLLC, our team of attorneys are committed to fighting for innocent victims of pedestrian accidents, and will do whatever it takes to get your life back to normal as soon as possible. If you or a loved one has been struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian, contact us today at (719) 900-2500 for a free, no-obligation consultation of your case.


What are commonly occurring pedestrian accidents?

Crosswalk accidents occur when an individual is crossing the street in a designated crosswalk and an incoming vehicle refuses to give them the right of way. In these situations, pedestrians are, unfortunately, often struck by incoming vehicles and suffer injuries as a result.

Pedestrian accidents also frequently occur in parking lots. When a car, truck or motorcycle backs out of a parking lot, often an unsuspecting pedestrian will be struck by the vehicle because the driver failed to properly look behind them. These accidents can be devastating in any context, but are especially severe when the driver is operating the vehicle at a high speed.

Many pedestrian accidents happen when cars, trucks or motorcycles lose control of their vehicles and swerve off the road into the path of a pedestrian. When a pedestrian gets struck by a vehicle at high speed, the impact can be severe. If the pedestrian gets run over or trapped under the vehicle, the impact can be life threatening.

In some especially unfortunate pedestrian accidents, innocent passersby are struck by drunk drivers who cannot drive due to their intoxication. We are especially compassionate to those who have suffered this type of encounter, and will fight to prove the other party’s negligence as hard as we possibly can.

What is the best plan of action to take after being hit by a car?

In the event that you have been struck by a car as a pedestrian, your immediate course of action should be to seek medical care. Call an ambulance immediately if you have sustained any type of injury. Even minor injuries need to be reviewed by a medical professional to ensure your health and safety.

Next, move to safety. If you’ve been involved in any type of accident involving a vehicle, be sure to move to safety as soon as possible. In the heat of the moment after an accident, it is not uncommon for a victim to feel shock and freeze up. Always try to remember that preserving your life and safety is of the utmost importance. If you’ve been struck by a car, especially on a main road, do not stop to collect personal belongings or anything that may have dropped after the impact. Be sure to move off the road to a safe place right away, to mitigate the risk of any future damage. Always remember that every physical possession can be replaced.

If you are in a medically stable state, it is of utmost importance to document the scene as best you can. The more evidence you have to build the strength of your personal injury case, the higher the chances are that you will be able to receive compensation. Take photographic evidence of the scene of the crime as best as you possibly can. Take pictures of the condition of the car after the accident to have properly documented evidence of the damage. If the incident occurred at night, be sure to use flash on your phone or camera to ensure the quality of the pictures is clear enough to demonstrate the events. Take photographic evidence of any street signs in the area as well. This will provide evidence for how fast the car should have been driving and support your assertion that you, the pedestrian, had the right of way when you were struck. If there is inclement weather, be sure to adequately photograph the conditions of the road. The more evidence you can bring to a lawyer, the stronger your case will be.

Can I seek compensation after a pedestrian accident?

If you are a pedestrian who has been struck by a vehicle, you are entitled to contact a pedestrian injury lawyer to begin the process of building your personal injury case. At Earl and Earl, PLLC, If you were forced to seek medical care after a pedestrian accident, we believe you shouldn’t have to be burdened with those costs.

Many pedestrians who were hit by cars need immediate medical care. Many call 911 right away and are rushed to the hospital for an immediate screening of their physical state. In some more fortunate cases, pedestrians sustained very minor injuries and do not need to stay overnight in the hospital for further treatment. But in severe situations where pedestrians were struck at a high speed by a moving vehicle, their injuries can be debilitating. In the event that you are hit by a car as a pedestrian and need any type of medical care, you deserve to be compensated as reimbursement. For those who need extended hospital stays, the cost of medical care can be quite high. If the injuries you’ve sustained after being hit by a car develop into a long-term medical problem, your lawyer will fight to award you compensation that covers the proposed amount of your treatments.

For those who do need medical care or hospitalization, it is impossible to attend work while your nurse injuries and focus your efforts on healing. When you skip work to receive medical care, you miss out on wages and are often forced to use up sick days and personal time. At Earl and Earl, PLLC, we’re devastated to see innocent people miss out on financial compensation and precious time with loved ones when they’re forced to spend time under medical supervision. We’re committed to representing pedestrian accident victims in court, and awarding them the highest possible amount of compensation possible. We’ll fight to uncover compensation for your lost wages, and strive to represent your injuries to our highest potential in court.

Contact Earl and Earl, PLLC immediately after a pedestrian accident?

When you are walking on the street as a pedestrian, there is little to protect you from cars, trucks and motorcycles driving nearby. In the state of Colorado, the number of cars on the road seems to be always steadily on the rise. When someone else drives carelessly and you become injured as a consequence, we believe that person should be held liable for the pain and suffering you’ve endured.

If you’re injured as a pedestrian, you may be eligible to recover damages. Demonstrating liability of the other party is no easy feat in any personal injury case. It takes diligence, evidence, and quality legal representation to properly advocate for you in court. A judge will want to weigh the facts and figures of all aspects of your case in order to make a judgment that’s fair and accurate for all parties involved.

At Earl and Earl, PLLC, fighting for your rights is our utmost concern. We work tirelessly for the citizens of Colorado, and especially for those who were innocently walking as a pedestrian and had their lives turned upside down by an accident. If you or someone you love has been carelessly injured as a pedestrian, contact Earl and Earl, PLLC today. We have offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Pueblo and Grand Junction. We never charge for an initial consultation, and we never will. Call our pedestrian accident attorneys today at (719) 900-2500. You deserve to seek compensation and justice, and we are here to make you feel confident in the process.