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Have You Been Bitten By A Dog?

Dog bites occur more frequently than most may realize. There are over 4.7 million documented dog bites in the U.S. every year. It happens so often, that one in sixty-nine people will suffer from a dog bite related injury at some point in their lives. The most common age of person for a dog to repeatedly inflict bites on multiple areas of the body are between 5 and 9 years old. These are not pleasant statistics to absorb, but we must all be aware of the dangers that dogs can pose on people, especially children, in order to prevent these unfortunate incidents.

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Yes, in most cases, dogs are known as man’s best friend. When this is not true, things can be serious. Dogs have the ability to cause serious damage due to their strong jaw muscles and carnivorous teeth. Though a dog can be well trained, there are things that can cause them to bite. Common reasons for a dog will bite are as follows:

  • Fear or Anxiety
  • Lack of socialization (not being exposed to enough different people and scenarios from a young age)
  • Territorialism
  • Protective of other family or pack members
  • Confusion
  • Prey drive / instinct to chase and attack
  • Defensive mode
  • Genetics or a health or neurological disorder
  • Rabies

It is also possible that there is a combination of two or more of the above factors which will cause a dog to bite. So how can we work to prevent these bites from occurring? Find a dog bite attorney colorado springs to speak to. Gaining knowledge is always the best place to start when you wish to change something. In addition to knowing why dogs bite in the first place, being educated on colorado dog bite law is another good step to take towards preventing these types of accidents. Sharing your knowledge with others, and being very cautious when choosing to allow yourself or your family members to interact with unfamiliar dogs. The dog bite attorney colorado springs you contact first should be Earl & Earl.

There is a critical window where a dog greatly benefits from socialization between the ages of 4 to 14 weeks. If the dog is kept away from new experiences, new people, or other dogs for this time, serious behavioral issues can occur as a result. These include extreme nervousness when meeting a stranger, fear and anxiety in new environments, and in some cases, the tendency to bite. Talk to a denver dog bite attorney to find out about the laws that can affect you as an owner.

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